OUTSIDER   /   Documentary

This is more of a place to go to that’s magic. Something out there that’s bigger.
And really, the painting for me acts as a window to that world…
which I’ve found out about by the process of making art…

Since his arrival on the South African art scene in the 1980’s, Beezy Bailey has consistently challenged,
provoked and at times evoked the ire of the mainstream art world. In this film, for the first time, we peel back the layers around one of South Africa’s most colourful artists as he looks back at a career spanning 30 years.

Famed for his painting, his sculptures and his performances, as well as his high level collaborations with artists like David Bowie, Arno Carstens and Brian Eno – wherever Bailey goes, he certainly leaves his mark.

This film is a constant dialogue. A conversation with colleagues, collaborators, critics, and of course the artist himself. Outspoken and political, Bailey has been called a jester, a joker, a provocateur and an Outsider. He would argue that it is from the outside that one keeps a fresh perspective, and that only from this position can one be a real force for change.

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45 Minutes


South Africa






Sean Drummond - Deepend


Paulene Abrey and Luaan Hong


Daniel Mitchell


Shaun Lee


Sean Drummond